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Automobile Couplings
Curvic and flexible are two automobile couplings offered for the automobile industry. These perform essential applications when installed in transmission framework of vehicle.

Industrial Coupling
Industrial couplings are highly demanded by manufacturing and processing companies. Our company caters to the increasing demand for such couplings raising from metal, cement, power generation and other industrial sectors.
Oil Mist Cleaner
Oil & Mist Cleaner is re-used for semi-perpetual use after the mist and oil mist have been thoroughly condensed and treated. This cleaner has the following air cleaning and convenient interior washing, and reusability. It has simple installation and a water-resistant motor.
Aluminium Profiles
Aluminum Profiles are used for both the consumer and industrial markets. There are several applications for aluminium extrusions in the electronics, automotive, public transit, telecommunications, solar/renewable energy, and other industries. By-products like aluminium profiles are typically used in construction.
Ball Spline
Get in touch with us to buy Caged, LM, medium torque, geared type rotary and many other types of ball spline. The rolling guide spline bearing is required for achieving linear motion without friction.
Ball Screw
There are many types of ball screws that customers can buy from us. Rolled, peripherals, caged are some of the types that can be opted based on the application areas.
LM Roller
LM Roller is a small linear guide with high load capacity and an infinitely revolving mallet-style roller. This product is best suited for machines that need to be rigid, repeatable, and accurate in their location. This offers a larger load capacity, greater rigidity, and the possibility to reduce component size.
Industrial Bearings
Spherical plain, rod end are a few types of industrial bearings that customers can buy from us. These bearings are essential components of many industrial machines and automobiles.

Linear Actuator
Linear actuator finds use in industrial machinery, tools, and all systems that require linear motion. The role of this equipment is to convert rotational motion into linear motion.

Industrial Motors
We are a renowned manufacturers and suppliers of high performance Industrial Motors that are available in many different variants according to their usage. These electrically operated drives are in high demand due to their low power consumption and durability.
Stepper Servo Controllers
Stepper Servo Controllers regulate the operation of the stepper motor. Close the loop on the system by continuously examining the encoder signal and applying a torque to the motor in order to regulate it is the responsibility of these controllers. They are very effective and economical to use.
Linear Bushes
Linear Bushes supplied by our company are cylindrical components installed with internal bearings to provide support to the shafts and ensure smooth rotation at low as well as high speeds. Get these mechanical components from our company at a reasonable and low price range.
THK LM Grease
THK LM Grease is created to satisfy a variety of needs. It is a medium-consistency grease with medium wear, washout, and oxidation resistance qualities and a medium viscosity base oil. Extreme pressure grease is a type of grease. This is very easy to use and simple to handle.
Linear Shaft
Buy from our premium range of dimensionally accurate Linear Shaft that can be used in industrial automation and light duty machines to deliver rotational power. The offered rods are machined with high precision and accuracy that make the free from unevenness and bends.
Gear Boxes
Bevel, planetary are some of the gear boxes offered by the company. This is used in many machines and equipments used in plastic, cement, steel and many other industries.
Industrial Automation
Find a variety of components and elements that contribute to industrial automation. These result in improved safety and higher production rates.
Linear Motion Guides
Buy from us a variety of liner motion guides, designed and developed to support different shapes and sizes based on the service condition. Based on the application, select the right linear motion guide.

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